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To all the people who love smoking! This blog will help you taking an initiative to start something better in your life. We know what's in your head while reading this and I'm certain that half of you will quit reading who can't quit smoking. But do you know AT ALL that smoking is increasing no. Of deaths per day, not only increasing but the results are remarkably large. We must have heard the cases of mouth cancer, lung cancer, bronchitis and so many diseases related to smoking.

Regardless, "IT'S NOT A FASHION STATEMENT". One should be aware of the fact that they are killing themselves alongwith others by passive smoking, which is even more harmful. We all must have seen Mukesh Harane on theatre screens - which is an action taken by the government to curb smoking, so don't just ignore. Try to understand the pros and cons of something that you get addicted to and you'll yourself find out all the cons but no benefits attached to smoking and eventually you end up saying that you want to quit but it is a habit now. Habits are created and destroyed by YOURSELF. It's you who can bring the change. We all know it is difficult to leave smoking, but hey! We've got the back-ups. The more you eat, the less you will need the cigarette. Make your will-power strong, be determined to quit. Only 1 cigarette a day of what you smoke daily will have numerous benefits :
1. You can save your pockets.. by quitting 1 cigarette a day of what you smoke daily.
2. Once you'll start curbing 1 cigarette and start resisting it by eating more, it could be the possibility that you'll end up quitting cigarette in a short span.
3. You're family will be happier and the environment will be smoke free.
A quick tip for those who want to recover earlier, Jaggery helps a lot in removing the toxins gathered by prolonged smoking, so start eating black Jaggery often found in villages, you may also start having the normal Jaggery in case you are unable to find black one. Green tea also helps in such cases to detoxify. So, Go Green!!
You may write us if you need any help in quitting smoking! 

Eat healthy, live healthier and stay fittest..!!


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