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PosterGuy is officially ahead of its launch. We, at PosterGuy are happy to announce a new and fresh face of our website.

Well, giving you a little brief, PosterGuy is not about products, but about emotions. We believe in building your relations and connections to your ideas, beliefs idols and the brands you love. We help build tangible relations.

How do we do it? The most important part, we enjoy the artistic process as much as we love the end result. So we are about a narrative surrounding; an experience. We do so by giving a physical form to your beliefs, idols and favourite brands on Posters, Mugs, Mouse Pads, T-shirts, framed art and more.

This is just a beginning. Now we are securing partners to build more products and make PosterGuy bigger and better in every step.

We just collaborated with NASSCOM 10000 Startups. We are helping them merchandise across the Nation (India) and let their products reach the mass.

We say goodbye by saying, it’s just a beginning and keep looking for more 'coz nobody can stop us.

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Visit us at www.posterguy.in

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