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Who would have thought of a high school pass out wanting to pursue a career in Guitar Playing and Song writing ending as creator of many successful sitcoms? Chuck Lorre’s 5th one, The Big bang Theory has also created a big explosion in the TV industry, receiving umpteen accolades for 7 years now. The story of witty and sarcastic misadventures of four physicists and a pretty girl next door, The Big Bang Theory creates an altogether different technical jargon and high level yet pointless debates at times which connect well with masses.

The potpourri of all human traits in these characters gives the show its true colors. All the cast has the different kind of elements which altogether holds the strength of the show.

Sheldon Cooper's overly intellectual nature with a lack of understanding of humor, Irony and sarcasm, and yet being the character with penchant for pranks is one of a kind making him the most significant character of the show. Some argue that show is a success only because of Sheldon.

 Leonard Hofstadter being the most normal straight guy of the group with traits like being socially acceptable, occasionally selfish, refusing to be a nerd while acting like one. His need to be loved is also a sight not to be missed on the show. He is supposed to be the protagonist of the show.

Penny ,an aspiring actress working as a waitress is actually in times the smartest one among the 4 nerds. She is bubbly by nature, highly disorganized, sloppy. She is the one who can handle everybody at one time or another while herself breaking down like a cute little girl on trivial matters.

Howard Wolowitz is the engineer from MIT in the show acting many times as superior to other three. He is the one cracking the jokes making fool of him in the process. Being a perfect Jewish nerd cracking jokes and pranks, he is closer to Raj than to Leonard and Sheldon. Acting all manly, he lives with his mother (the thing often joked about) and is dominated by his wife (Bernadette) all the time. He is also portrayed many times as a gay guy on the show. These things make him an essential component of the show.

Raj koothrappali, the Indian guy is a smart, caring, with good sense of humor and yet being lonely, is the perfect guy for any show. But wait, he is the character who just cannot talk to the women due to selective mutism unless he is drunk or on medicines (he prefers alcohol always though).

Apart from the main cast the makers have also hired a physicists from Los Angles who designs all the science related stuff used in the show to make the whole thing look real than ever. Sometimes the viewers  get to know about stuff going on in science from the show itself.

The makers are so much creative that the have portrayed The Comic book store as an essential part of a nerd’s life and the makers have made full use of it with showcase of merchandise of comic characters. Their marketing strategy is also very creative.

Laughing on your own joke followed by a BAZINGA and singing SOFT KITTY to your loved ones in times of “Sheldon Sad”ness makes you love it more and this love is brought to your home by PosterGuy ‘s The Big Bang Theory collection.

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