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The life of Sir Charles Chaplin is not just another rags to riches story. Getting born into poverty ridden family and achieving the status of first international star of the world by the age of 24 is quite astonishing and unbelievable for that time. What he did to the cinema at the time is not just amazing, it’s gigantic and unimaginable. Like here he is a 9 year old boy who has been sent to the workhouse where they provide shelter and small time employment to people, and here is the same boy turned into a man aged 24 in 1914 with his first break Keystone’s Studio Making a Living. Sir Charles Chaplin once quoted “A day without laughter is a day wasted”, he must have lived by this quote since childhood.

The little Charles lived through hell during his childhood time. His father succumbed to liver cirrhosis due to excessive drinking and her mother had psychosis due to malnutrition and syphilis. Charles used to sleep at the streets sometimes unable to go to school even. But his drunk father did one thing right, his father got Charles an admit into a dance troupe. Not being satisfied with dance, he decided to venture into comedy acts and the world was waiting to adore him in the future. After death of his father and the sick mother, he became a performer and with sheer talent and hard work, he got into the movies. He was a true artist if we look now, but back in younger days nobody knew him or cared for him. Only his mother used to believe in him that he had some talent 

After getting into movies, he developed the character of ‘The Tramp’. The artistic genius that he was the character was just perfect in all the senses. The characters transcended from being just nobody in front of nice rich suave people and creating humor out of this with his famous slapstick methods. The Tramp, as portrayed by Chaplin, is a Childish goodhearted person often portrayed as a man with the manners of a gentleman despite his actual social status of a destitute most of the times.

A tramp, a gentleman, a poet, a dreamer, a lonely fellow, always hopeful of romance and adventure.

Apart from the characters he was the highest paid actors in his time. He made millions with his work. But his work his much more worth than what he got. He was a wealthy man and more importantly the artist who was adulated from everywhere on the earth. At the time of First World War, Most of the armies used to like and talk about Chaplin. With the humour he portrayed he brought smiles to the faces of the people who had nothing to laugh at the time of war.

Being a visionary with a strong opinion about things like politics, he never used to think twice before saying anything he had belief in .He bluntly gave his opinions and often became a part of controversies. For example his satirical take on the Adolf Hitler by his movie titled The Great Dictator. He used to incorporate his ideas and beliefs in his work and he is the one of the few artists to achieve that. Even if the whole world was against him at times, he never had a second thought about his opinion. He incorporated majorly Comedy, Drama and Satires in his works. He portrayed all the characters very cleverly at times. Like there he is as a factory worker in Modern Times depicting trials and tribulations of a harried factory worker trying to cope with the sprockets, cogs, conveyor belts, of the new industrial culture. The poor fellow continuously finds himself caught up in the smashing tyranny of the machine. So in this situation there is a lot of humor but at the same time there is a portrayal dehumanizing consequences of mass industrialization

His multiple talents and mastery in all of those made him the Ultimate Entertainer of the century. Apart from being the most versatile actor ever, he used to direct, edit, write and also compose the music for the films that he made. Now these are the characteristics of an artistic genius who lived on this planet where there were title technological advancements, unlike today where every fool with a camera thinks of him like a Director or a Photographer.

In 1915 Charlie Chaplin was a Big phenomenon in the whole world not just US. He was adored everywhere and the shops were stocked to their capacity with Charlie Chaplin merchandise. He was featured in cartoons and comic strips, and several songs were written about him. He achieved so much in so little yet testing times.

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