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The most awaited gadgets of the year were finally launched yesterday by Apple. Yes, the IPhone 6 and his big brother IPhone 6 Plus are here to reign again on the masses.Apple announced Apple Pay,at the iPhone 6 event describing it as a platform for payments which works with with American Express, Visa and MasterCard. Apple said ,with Apple Pay users will be able to conduct secure transactions on mobile websites/apps. They also said they view Apple Pay as the most compelling service Apple has offered since iTunes. Other features were on convention of the yearly improvements that Apple is doing since beginning of the first IPhone. All other brands do the same.

The special attraction of the day was Apple Watch with many people thinking it as a side product which would have been opposed by Steve Jobs. Although Tim Cook is all set to give Apple a new direction with this venture.It's not just a watch, it's Apple watch,So it's gotta be unique in all senses. It's quite different and arguably better than it's competitors.Let's see what good it does to Apple and it's users.

With tha said now we come to the live stream of the keynote that apple released on all it's devices all across the globe. The presence of Chinese Woman's voice overdub with original voice raised all the eyebrows at the moment causing a torrent of tweets on Twitter. The Chinese Woman's voice kept coming back even after some time of relief for the people. Apple needs to provide serious justification for that video. Apart from all this, tweets that were re-tweeted and brought laughter to the whole thing are as follows-  


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