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Hello Good fellas!

So finally the days of restrictions are near to their end, Yes the Shradhs are getting over and the Diwali Season is awaiting. The festive season where even the saddest hearts are lit with hope of light in their lives are waiting for us. We have decided to launch new product line at PosterGuy this season to fill the lives of our customers with beautiful designer iPhone cases with awesome Matte finish.

We all know how it feels like to put a glossy Cover on the back of your Classic iPhone. Well some people may like it but their are still shortcomings in it. It gets scratches quite easily,it reflects light with high intensity, finger stains are a common recurrence on the cover.So we did a survey and asked people about what they would like better to have in their hands ,as the phones are becoming more important in lives of people than ever before and found that nearly 4/5 of the people were not happy with the glossy iPhone cases.You can compare it for yourselves.


So the Classy Matte covers have came to the rescue as a solution to the problem.. The Matte is something the companies are putting on the back panel of the phones these days. It becomes one hell of a monotonous back panel when you are a person with a taste for colors and class.So the matte finish iPhone cases comes to play for those who want to feel the classic smoothness with wonderful colors on their iPhones 5/5s.The matte covers comes with the distinct features of being very lowly or negligently reflective enabling it to view from all the angles.It feels smooth and classy, it is highly resistant to scratches(unless you deliberately try to carve it with a screwdriver).


You gotta check out these wonderful matte finish IPhone 5/5s cases designs at PosterGuy which look even more wonderful in real.


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