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From song writing, dancing , acting, Singing to Drugs, Rock n roll, centre of controversies, the King of the Pop did it all. He even died like a most famous Pop star, Living a life of  fame for almost quarter of a century. He did things in music that no one else dared to. His music style aside, his voice alone legendary, so smooth and easy to listen to and relate to, made everybody dance with joy. Even after 5 years of his death, he is more searched icon than most of the pop icons of today. People in politics and even celebrities are vanished easily in years, but Michael Jackson stayed at the top of the fame mountain for 25 years.
What made him unique? Well the answer to this question is not that unique to begin with. Being a pop star is very simple these days. People or even kids in their late teen turn themselves into a pop sensation in a little time. But they just don’t last very long. We all have seen these stars even changing their professions in order to survive. So here enters the Michael Jackson. There are two main factors to be a Pop sensation. First you need to sing , dance, write songs apart from maintaining a good frame on the exterior(which happens to be the case in the 21st century). Then second factor is even more important and that is to do the above things in an inexplicably efficient way. MJ just did these things at a whole new level than the other pop stars, analogous to the size of Earth and the Solar system. He was the ultimate Pop entertainer ever born.

Being in a league of very few like Eric Clapton, John Lennon, Neil Young, Jimmy Page and few more people who have been inducted twice in the Rock hall of fame, Michael Jackson was inducted for Jackson Five and for his solo career in the dance category of Rock Hall of fame. He has 11.5 millions of his albums in sales and has set numerous records for his achievements. Five of Jackson's albums, Bad, Dangerous, History, Invincible, and the soundtrack to Michael Jackson's This Is It, debuted at number one in the United States. Be it sales or the ranking at billboards, UK charts or any other for that matter. Michael Jackson is like a ubiquitous phenomenon in the world we live today.  Even after  he departed this world, he was the top earning dead celebrity with 140 million dollars in sales as reported by Forbes.


His childhood was not bright as his adulthood; he was always working and practicing. His father got his career started so early, that he was too busy to go and play and hang out with his friends as a child with big dreams. His father also abused and used to even hit him many times. His childhood wasn’t the one with happy memories, his dad would say "no Michael you can’t see that movie, you have to practice." " No Michael you can’t go to the park and play you have to practice." He had no time for a real childhood because he was always working. This adulteration of his childhood by his own father made him love children more and more. He would act like a kid when around them. He was a very kind hearted soul to kids. The way media portrayed him as a person who sexually abusive man who used to sleep with kids was not justified. It is very common in Country like India where children often sleep with their parents, so that the children aren’t scared to death alone in their bed. This doesn’t mean that they are sexually harassing the kids.  Although he was a soft-spoken mysterious man, and everyone wanted to know about him during his career and afterwards, he was always in the media, and later in his life it was rarely for a good reason.

Most of the artists who are musically genius or profound in their respective arts are kind hearted down to earth souls, who never praise their achievements and brag about themselves. This is the general trend we have seen over the years in the entire entertainment industry. Michael Jackson was the kind of guy who always believed in breaking the convention. So he did the opposite of what accomplished artists say. He used to take pride in work he did. This became one of the ­reasons that made Jackson a great pop star .It was his penchant for the ridiculous and sometimes brainless comments and opinions he used to say. His every move seemed to say, "Yes! Off the Wall, Thriller and Bad are three of the 20th century's finest pop records and yes, I did make them, one after the other, in an eight-year period. Yes, I am amazing. Yes, I am off for a ride by myself on an empty fairground. PS Here is my best friend: a chimp called Bubbles."

He was ferocious and bold man in doing what he felt was the right thing. Like here is an album released in the wake of the first wave of child abuse allegations; CD with disc 1 was a selection of Jackson’s  greatest hits, with disc 2 a rather odd collection of new material. It included Scream, This Time Around and Tabloid Junkie , all songs centring on one thing, and that is Jackson's treatment at the hands of the media – as well as a furious track called DS, aimed at the district attorney who had led the first abuse case.

The guardian quoted “There was fame, and there were pop stars, and there was entertainment, and somewhere above it all was Michael Jackson.”

 Michael Jackson may have left this soul but he is still alive with his music and soul and will be in the years to come. And who knows may be he is now moonwalking with the heavenly stars now. The best entertainer world ever had, who inspires the generations with singing, dancing and fashion with humanitarian, philanthropic beliefs is a legend. As a tribute and our adulation to the king of the Pop, we want to fill the lives of our customers with awesome Michael Jackson products and will continue to introduce more in the future.

Well They Say The Sky's
The Limit
And To Me That's Really True
But My Friend You Have
Seen Nothing
Just Wait 'Til I Get Through . 


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