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"Without action, you aren't going anywhere, " said Mahatma Gandhi. Born at Porbander in Gujarat to Mrs. Kasturba and Mr. Karam  Chand on 2nd October, 1869 Gandhiji led a life of inspiration and made his life to be defined in two words "truth" and "non-violence."
We don't need to give much introduction about him; his life, struggle for independence, his contribution to South Africa's "Apartheid" is all around and reached corners of the globe.  If we look at his speeches at various public gatherings, Gandhiji often targeted the youth and he always believed that youth are the pillars of the nation. His gentle approach to life is a testament to the fact that strength doesn't equal physical capacity.

There are many things that present day youth should learn from him. In a world in which authority is valued over authentic leadership, Gandhiji showed a path which is above all the speculations. Just compare his philosophy of "eye for an eye, makes the entire world blind," with the present day happenings around the world. Situations weren't too different now and then; the only difference is in the attitude of humans. To make the present day world realize about the "value of non- violence"  we need one more Gandhiji. The more we are into destruction and violence, the more we will be destroying ourselves. On this eve of Gandhi Jayanti, NGO's schools, state Governments and few voluntary groups are creating awareness on the Gandhian principles.  "Swachh Bharat" initiative by the Modi's government is one such example.
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Happy Gandhi Jayanti to everyone!!


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