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                               “ Try to combine life experience with the energy of youth,”


                                                                                                    -     George Bernard Shaw

Youth and energy are two inseparable terms in life. They are synonyms to each other. Youth are the frenetic and craziest beings on earth. They are the ones who break the traditional rules and set their own rules. Experimentation is their passion, enthusiasm runs through their body and mind, craving for making something new and big is always in them. Gone are the days when youth chose a single path which might have been their decision due to parents and peer pressure. They are looking at the brighter part of life. Present day youth are independent, free from societal’ pressure and are much focused. No one is ready to lock away their creative talent somewhere inside them because of one or the other reasons. Though the goal set is difficult and different; their hunger for creativity and job satisfaction is thriving to search new ways to make it possible.

Right from the days of dressing in a blue uniform to wearing a white-collar, they are aspiring to reach new horizons. With no fear of failure and no insecurity in life; present day youth are more into experimentation and unveiling their creativeness. “Fly over the sky, touch the bottom of ocean, and let your dream wander in the vast universe,” is the motto of present day youth.


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