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Motivation is an important element in one’s life. It is core of all the actions. Whether a person would succeed or fail can depend heavily upon this variable. Getting to know the intricacies of the things that motivate you can have lasting effects. By understanding and acting upon them, one can learn to live a healthy and happy life. People usually take inspiration and get motivated from sportsmen, authors, politicians, actors etc.



“I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying,” Michael Jordan.

How can we talk about motivation and not mention Michael Jordan? Jordan suffered his first set-back in his sophomore year when he was left out of the varsity basketball team. Reason? He was only 5’9” at that time. His taller classmate Leroy Smith had won the last spot on the team.

 He made up his mind that he would never have to face a similar situation ever again and started practicing every day after that, making it a point to take out time for his practice daily without fail. He soon shot up to 6’3”, made the team the next year and never had to look back after that. From being a part of two gold-medal winning teams at the Olympics to winning NBA’s Most Valuable Player Award five times in his career, Jordan dominated the sports field for more than a decade in the ‘90s.


 One more interesting person who doesn't need any introduction is J.K Rowling. From children to adults, JK Rowling’s writing style has been a everyone’s favorite. Soon she became a motivational character in her life. From living as a single mother on state benefits to a multi-millionaire today, J.K. Rowling has come a long way from her early days of struggle and is a true epitome of the ‘rags to riches’ story. Many a times, Rowling has attributed her considerable achievements to her ability to focus all her attention on the things that mattered to her the most. The success of Harry Potter series is a tribute to her story-telling abilities and a reminder that everyone has a hidden talent within him or her. You just have to reach out for it and allow it to bloom.


People employ different strategies to stay focused, like reading motivational books, talking to their teachers, experts and close pals. Some decorate their room with framed art, few write on stick notes, few on book marks and this goes on and on. At times, the words we hear from the sources nearby act as “omens” and help us to maintain focus till we reach our goal. Check out our collection of 15 motivational posters which are required at home, school or office to keep you motivated and positive throughout and help you reach the goal.


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