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We have always seen the western people wearing all kinds of Halloween costumes this day every year. They wear everything varying from a witch to a pumpkin to celebs to movie characters to cartoon characters. So we tried to provide a list of Bollywood inspired Halloween Ideas for you people out there.


  • Mr Amitabh Bachhan the Legend has done so many roles from which you could choose your outfit easily:-


  • If you are a bald guy who wants to look dangerous yet funny, then go for the Shakal costume

  • If you have seen Mr India some time in your life , than you may want to dress up like Mogambo Jo humesha kush hi raheta hai.

  • For the Andaz Apna Apna buffs there is only one man for Halloween and you all know who it will be


  • For all the Sholay buffs with devilish minds, this what you should try:-

  • There are some cartoons (India) you could all dress up like:-


  • For our Desi Superhero fans :-



  • For the couples we have this special edition(Only go for this if you all know who these characters are):-



  • For the Nagin loving girls, These are for you:-



  • For Mughaleazam Buffs, this is the perfect costume for Salims and Anarkalis in real life:-


  • For the two friends who just can't be separated:-



  • Then there is this costume for guys dressed up as girls.



    • For all gals who act as Bandit Queen time to time :-

  • Well you can't ignore Shaktiman in this list, now can you?

  • Mithun Da's Costume will never be forgotten

     Do Contribute your ideas and comments in the comments section below. We would love to explore this list a bit more.
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