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 Mario Puzo’s The Godfather is not just a phenomenon for no reason. It is an Informative Piece of art which transcends your life to better.

Most of the Crime oriented movies start with violence, but here you get to see the wedding where you can analyse the characters for what they are, and not what criminal activities they indulge in through the course of the story.

The Inspirational Dialogues of Vito Corleone uplifts your Spirits, especially if you are an entrepreneur by any chance. The whole movie in fact has a perfect combination of great dialogues with great delivery. You should check out all the dialogues at least if not the whole movie, You will watch the movie for sure after that.  

The upper hand negotiating with people has over commanding them gives you the exact way power and Influence should be used.

The Transcendence of Al Pacino from a war hero and a passionate romantic to a ruthless leader, more ruthless than his father and brother combined is again something you don’t see often.

The juxtaposition of criminality and family honor, and loyalty is achieved with utmost precision informs the people about the justice being the only thing that prevails at the end.

The small instances where family comes before business always forces the viewers to question your priorities in life. These small things are put brilliantly in front of the viewers.

 The whole movie contains a whole lot of Political connections of the Corleone family with Drugs, Influential people which creates a Controlled yet dangerous chaos.

Go and Grab this movie before the time runs out!

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