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Being an entrepreneur makes you distinguished and you will be in spotlight for many reasons. Besides the spot light you get, you create your own world which you imagined for so long. Most of you might be thinking over the missed opportunity to start your venture. But, opportunities keep on coming your way, the only thing which matters is your learning from it. An entrepreneur should always dream big and dare to fail, only then he will be able to face the obstacles that come in his path. As we all know nothing is impossible, we should find ways to overcome the thorns coming our way.

The only path to success is to start thinking on an idea, analyze it, plan it, try to execute it, do it, if you fail do again and keep doing till you are successful. Above all, entrepreneurship is living a few years of your life like most people won’t, so that you can spend the rest of your life like most people can’t.

Starting your own business is one of the most emotional things you can do in your career. The ups and downs of such an undertaking can be astounding, and the emotions involved in a startup can test the commitment and resolve of even the most stubborn of entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship is like giving birth to a child. Clean up the things and ideas you have and get organized.

Innovative ideas are the mantra behind every successful start-up story. India has been a flourishing ground for enterprises, and this phenomenon has witnessed an unprecedented surge in the last few years. A handful of entrepreneurs are stepping up to show they have the appetite, skills and vision to take a shot at scaling their young ventures. Across sectors as varied as technology, clinical research and retail present day entrepreneurs are poised to burst a common myth that entrepreneurship is difficult.

Many entrepreneurial narratives act as inspirational tales, propagating valued stories at an ideological and mythological level. By participating in them we expose others to the inspirational power of the narrative and encourage the process of emulation. Potential outcomes include the perpetuation and regeneration of core ideological elements. Exposure to narrative is a process of social construction and re-construction that begins in childhood. Yet, entrepreneurship is essentially an adult paradigm. Consequentially, children may be channeled into individual occupations whereby few emerge as entrepreneurs. Unless one is exposed to the power of the entrepreneurial narrative, as a result of familial fables, or by being raised in an entrepreneurial family then by the time one makes a choice to pursue an entrepreneurial career path - life styles and alternative career paths are already established. The entrepreneurial narrative thus eludes the children. This is obviously detrimental to both society and the individual. 

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