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We often experience this problem where we get confused about what should we gift to a Teenage Boy on his Birthday. And most of the times we end up giving weird and stupid things that the Birthday Boy would want to throw up in garbage the next day but wouldn't. So here we are presenting you with the following things and Gift Ideas that you should keep in mind for the Teenage Boys.


1. Lets start our list with Music. Everybody loves music, So keep it Simplified. Just Gift him a nice pair of Earphones/Headphones in your Budget.

PS :- Xiaomi Mi Piston is a great deal for Rupees 799.



2. Teenage Guys are often running Late, So giving them a Cool Wrist Watch is also a good choice.



3. Go ahead and give them a Cool Remote controlled toy like a Car or a Helicopter. You may think this as a Gift for a small Kid, But Trust us, these gadgets are loved by boys of all ages.



4.All teenage boys love to sweat it out in Gym or with their Friends, So gifting them a Cool Exercising kit is a great Idea. Keep in Mind, this Gift is not meant for Obese Boys.



5. Most of the Boys Love to Play games in this age. So gifting them a Gaming Console or a Cool New DVD is not a bad Idea.




6. Thinking of Gifting an Educational thing? Dont gift him a Book, those days are over now. Gift him an E Book reader instead.

PS:- If budget is not an issue, than give him an Amazon Kindle.



7. Teenage Boys often start to behave like matured adults. So a Good Descent Wallet will always do the trick.



8. Motivational Posters or Music posters for the room is always a nice thing to Buy for Boys. They are available at PosterGuy, so if your think that would be a good choice, then just go ahead.



9. if the Boy has a taste for Musical Instruments, then he would love to have one any time. A nice Harmonica comes at a low Price but would be a Valued possession once he Masters it. Or you can gift him any Instrument like Guitar, Flute, Violin, Saxophone etc



10. If you can't think of any thing, then just Gift him Some Nice Chocolates because Every one of them Love Chocolates.



11. Most of them Love Football, So gifting them a Cool football or a Football Related product is nice Idea.

For cool Football products you can Visit PosterGuy.



12. Gifting a Camera to a boy who has an eye for Photography could be the best Gift for him in his Entire Life yet, if he already has a Camera than you could always Gift him some useful  Camera Gear.



13. At last if you can not find anything, then just gift him any thing you want or wanted as a teenager. Let him know about your Choice. 



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