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The Christmas count down has just begun. So here is a guide for you guys for Christmas Decoration. 


Go For A Bow Wreath

Creating this simple, festive wreath for your home for Decoration is just a fabulous Idea. This will also help you in not over spending your Money for Decoration. You just get this look by simply hot gluing bows of various colors to a Styrofoam wreath. It only takes about 20 minutes to complete.


Mistletoe Created at Home

You only need a pencil which works on fabric, Pearl Embellishments, Red Ribbon and a hot glue gun for this amazing Home décor.  Cut out your felt mistletoe using a template provided and arrange pearls how you like. Tie with ribbon and hang and you are ready to rock this Christmas Eve with your own made Mistletoe.



Wreath redefined for Doors.

Stack Wreaths give a classic winter door decor. Purchase three or more wreaths of different sizes, hang them on top of each other and add some  accessories if you’d like. The best part is this costs only 500 rupees if you have your Sources and right Bargaining skills.



Kids get a reason to Learn and have Fun at Home.

A perfect idea for small Kids. It requires zero-supervision on Kids. All they have to do is making Aluminium-foil ring chains from Aluminium Sheets. All you need to give them is squares of foil. No scissors, glue, or any thing that could cause harm to your precious little ones.



White Christmas Tree

The White Christmas tree is an another great and unique Decoration Idea for Christmas Eve. This brilliance of white is captured in a monochromatic tree that sets a festive tone. Accentuate the pure richness with adding Decorative items on this tree to add a Pinch Of uniqueness. Check it out on web if you are not able to Find one in your Neighborhood local Stores.


Christmas table Decoration

There are Bunch of Cool Ideas for Decorating your table for the Perfect Christmas Dinner this time. Just add some Decorative ornaments in a clean glass Jars along with artificial green leaves will just to the job. Or you could also put some Cool Christmas Candies and Chocolates in Big Glass Jars if you have Kids coming to Christmas Dinner.



Santa T –Shirts or other Apparels

Cool, Trendy and an affordable Idea! You could always wear a Santa T- Shirt if you are going out on Christmas Eve with your Loved Ones.

Or Even simpler the Santa Hats available always do the trick.

Ps:- They are available at Posterguy. Link:-http://www.posterguy.in/collections/christmas-collection




Unique Christmas Lighting

For your Interior Decoration, Lighting is quite an Important factor. If the Lighting is not Cool enough, your home will definitely end up looking Mundane on a Christmas Eve. Be Creative with the choice of Lighting to choose for your Room.



Christmas tree Wall Sticker

Don’t have enough time or enough cash to spend on this Christmas. No worries, just get a Cool Christmas Wall Sticker for your Wall and, it would play a perfect replacement for expensive Christmas trees. These high Quality Stickers are available easily in the markets and on online Shopping Sites.



Christmas Stockings

Christmas Stockings filled with cool unique paperback items or Decorative items always add Charm to your Room. They could be Pocket Friendly or Insanely Expensive depending on what you wish to fill the Stockings with.



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