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You will hate them, curse them, but you wouldn't be able to get them out of your head. 

Warning:- You can start singing these songs any where. So think twice before listening to them in case you haven't.


Cobra Cobra from India's first You tube Star Wilbur Sargunaraj



Although this song is lifted from We will rock You from The Queen, but still this version is way too annoying.



This song will stuck at your Tongue once you hear it with the Video.The name is  Eye To Eye from Pakistani Sensation Taher Shah. (Don't miss out on this one)


Another Song from Pakistani band Jal that will stuck in your head is Sajni.



Ever seen a Last Decade's Wedding without this one played by the Desi Dj Waale?



This one from Govinda and Sanjay Dutt Starring in Jodi No. 1 will make you sing it to other people.



"Amma Dekh tera Munda Bigada Jaaye" from Stuntman has made millions of People sing this song at least once.



This Viral Video will stick in your head for quite some time.

Ps:- Don't Visualize the things shown in this video ever. 


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