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1.Quote on your Inner Fears by Jim Morrison


2. Amazing Quote By Confucius. Isn't it What we do Every single Day? 


3. Inspiring Quote By Nelson Mandela.


4. Go out and Fucking Earn it is what this Quote By Muhammad Ali means.


5. For all the ladies out there, here is your Motivational Dose by Marilyn Monroe.



6.Peace is not all he talked about, This Motivational Quote By Johnn Lennon is some serious stuff.


7. All Indians should live by this famous quote by Karl Marx.


8. This Quote By Albert Einstein is ideal for a Wall Poster at your Home, Office etc.


9. The Truth always finds it's way in midst of all the Chaos and Lies and this Quote By Buddha proves it.

10. Sometimes Patience is the key to all the Locks in Life.



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