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Do you know that every sun sign is special, unique and describes your personality. So, we at posterguy.in bring to you the unique qualities of all the sun signs..

Aries: Responsible, Authoritative, Romantic

Taurus: Patience, Perseverance

Gemini: Intelligent, Adaptive, Creative

Cancer: Loyal, Kind, Patient listeners

Leo: Exuberance, Energetic, Enthusiastic

Virgo: Conscientiousness, Practical, Stable

Libra: Charm, Communicative, Intellectual

Scorpio: Idealism, Emotional. Imaginative

Sagittarius: Optimistic, Energetic, Enthusiastic

Capricorn: Ambitious, Motivated by a desire of success, Steadiness

Aquarius: Friendly, Communicative, Intellectual

Pisces: Compassion, Emotional, Imaginative

Check your unique characteristics and have a great year ahead :)

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