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Superheroes surface into our lives from childhood. Most of the 90's kids will agree with this. The Superhero fascinates a child like nobody else. Everybody reading this article will agree to the fact that you wanted or pretended to be a Superhero at least once in your Childhood. Even if you were not a fan of the Marvel ones, then you would have been fans of our Desi Superheroes in India like Shaktimaan, Nagraj, Doga etc.
So the question is why do we need and like Superman, Batman, Thor, The Hulk, Spider-Man, Wolverine, the Incredibles, Captain America – and all the other superheroes so popular today??  The answer may be "Everybody looks up to them and may want to be one at some point in their life". But this is not the real answer.

Apart from Cool Graphics, Gadgets, Hot Chicks etc. We need Superheros to instill good values in People of all ages. The reason I wanted to be a Good Person was not because what I was taught in School. I saw these TV Shows of Superheros and I still carry those values they taught me.

These Superheroes guides us to go through life full of dangers and thrills around us. They prepare us to stand up against the wrong doing in the society by giving us strength to fight. 
Superhero comics and films tell stories about "human perseverance", about "individuals who rise to impossible challenges". People don’t root for the powers or the costume – they root for the person inside that tight suit.
The times in Gotham city are not darker than the times we are actually living in. We all need to rise up and change the world we live in to better. Superheroes don't have any agenda. Whenever somebody is in need, they are there to help them. If we all work towards this ideology, only then the world will be a better place to live.
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