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First of all hats off to Sunil Bharti Mittal for such an amazing Marketing Plan. Give internet for free to users and charge companies for the same. 

You heard it right internet for free!! Dream come true. Now we can put twitter status update for free.

Wrong option. But twitter does not support it. They do like being blackmailed by another company. Facebook does not support it. Even Google is against it. So you will be uploading your status on new social network funded by a rich guy, where none of your friends would be present to read it.

Why Airtel Zero will actually be expensive for the customers?

No company spends money on marketing from their pocket. They spend it from their profits. So now you are going to use that money to browse their website. And internet is free. What will you do? You will browse more, do more window shopping and listen to more songs. The company will end up paying more money only to keep you using the app. Their profit margin will reduce. Nobody likes reduced profit margin. They will charge you more for their products. 

As a customer we also believe that we should have choice to visit website A and should not be forced to use website B which might be substandard but rich.

As a brand also, we at PosterGuy always believe that customers should have free choice. We do not want to excel because we have loads of money but because our products and designs are actually better than peers. We would like to invest more in customer satisfaction, quality products and original designs rather than paying to keep customer visiting our website.


We urge you to protest against such a move by any company. Protect your freedom to choose. Do not opt for a plan or a product because it is free and then suffer from low quality of 'free service'.



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