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So what was you first reaction after seeing this mug? For me personally it was a smile. I mean everyone could relate to this design as an individual. These two Graphic Illustrations are not just two moods, they portray the true love of Mom for her children in the most realistic way possible. All the time mothers end up oscillating in these two states from the birth of her Child to raising him to be an adult. 
It is a fact that the most precious gift you could have given to your Mom was gifted to her when you opened your eyes for the first time, still unique gifts for mom always bring a smile to her face and suddenly she becomes the 'Pyaari Maa' which is everybody's dream in a way.
Our love for our mom is not limited for a day in a year, but still a day you dedicate for your mom would make her feel really happy(given the time our generation spends with parents). Also if by any chance you live away from your mom, than these small packages will do the job just fine. 
Sometimes the small things in life make a larger impact than the bigger things in life. And these products at PosterGuy really fit this criteria.
There are many things you could possibly gift her. The most important thing is to send a message from your
heart,it could be in the form of flowers, cakes or probably just a phone call. Any effort of yours will brighten her day. Go ahead and send your message loud and Clear, even if you don't she will get it anyhow.  
We believe in bringing smiles to faces through our products at PosterGuy. I hope you like our cute, quirky, funny products delivering the right message to your loved ones at the same time. Go ahead and make a right choice of gift for your Mom if you believe in what we believe.
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