PosterGuy Startup Blues

  • The Start!

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    It all started a year back. We pivoted to PosterGuy from My Epoch (renamed Momentify). We had a vague idea of what we wanted to do. No clear plan. No clear path. Just an idea and passion. Along came Karanpreet, Dr. Ismorpheus (Hitesh and Nishika) and Nabarun. 

    The story of how we actually started not the idea but the execution is magical even for us. The road itself paved the way. A light guided us. And a hand pushed us. Roaming through streets of Old Delhi and Okhla, we had no idea of any source or logistics solutions. We knocked on every possible door there. Sat in their offices making sense of what they do and how can we leverage them. Many were supportive, many were amazed and many tried to rip us off. It went on for some time.


    We got a call from a person who knows a person who knows us. He wanted to meet to discuss his business plans. We met him. He explained his plans. We exchanged notes. We chatted for a long time and he let us know about a magical word. The word was a password to a magical place, now our second home and office. The wizards of the place took us as their apprentice taught us the spells on how to make each product special for the person who orders it. Even today, everything we make is made especially for the person who order's it. This way the product has a part new owner even before it reaches them. 


    The second call we got was from Dr. Isomorpheus, his college was organizing their first ever fest. He wanted to launch his notebook and if possible during the fest. We already were mesmerized by the magical powers introduced to us and now we were going to put them to use.  The road and the light were all there. We yet had to start. We needed a little push. No new journey is easy. It is full of dark places and evil forces to hunt you down. Then came the one week deadline (!). We had no experience on how to use spells. The lessons learnt in classrooms and knowledge applied on the battlefield are different. But somehow we managed to pull the rabbit out of the hat in the last moment and gave our journey a jump start i.e. a year before today. Without any website or logo we were there. We officially had started working. 


    The journey has been great so far. We learnt many more tricks, found other wizards who believed in our mission. Mayank our design wizard moulded PosterGuy and gave it a life. Ankush, the wizard of light, glowed when the light was most dark, gave us the assurance that the path forward is the right path. Shanky and Amandeep, the wizard warriors helped us explore the uninhabited places. Their expertise to Get Shit Done, made a lot of work easy for us.


    It’s a journey on the road less travelled. We met many people. We learnt new things and still learning a lot more on daily basis. We work with many wonderful artists who entrust us with their artwork. It is a beautiful journey and we are enjoying a lot. This journey will continue and we won’t rest a day unless every artist in this country is on our platform and every home has a product designed by one of them and made by us.

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  • House of Cards Quotes to pump you up

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    10 Quotes from House of Cards that would pump any entrepreneurs blood. Feeling really inspired today
    • Practice Makes Perfect

    • Give your Heart to the Customers

    • Do not cook stories. Get out and prove it

    • Timing is all that matters!

    • Don't let situations stop you from winning

    • Do or Die!

    • If you will not someone else will

    • Take control of your own luck

    • Small details do matter

    • Everyone faces problems, suck them up and get back to winning

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  • 10000 Startups An initiative by NASSCOM

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    It is always good to know that someone is looking over your shoulders to help you. 10000 Startups by NASSCOM is an initiative that will ensure that you get mentored and advice of experts through your journey. Being called in initiative, its different from other incubators, accelerators and Co-working space such that instead of promising few startups money for initial operations it motivates and helps 500 Startups in each batch.


    The idea is to create entrepreneurship awareness among people, groom them for national and global reach and train for a marathon and not a one year Startup Sprint. Even Google and Microsoft together has partnership with NASSCOM for 10000 Startups. Of all the shortlisted companies, few are able to get funding directly from the Organisaton and others are introduced to investors, mentors and industry experts.


    It is a community of Entrepreneurs and Startups, a badge of pride and feeling of being connected to one other. In the end we are all in Noah's arc. The water is treacherous and unpredictably. We all need to coexist. 10000 Startups is like a shepherd for the coexistence for best Startups of the country.


    Among the benefits of the initiative, one should look at the motivational post on their facebook page. The kind of Startup Tee and Tech tee, the innovative mugs are all to look for. We almost drool over their posters and dissuader series. One must say that these mugs, t-shirts and posters are worth for one's office and home. Being in love with these we went to them with a marriage proposal to print their t-shirts, posters and mugs and let more people appreciate the wonderful work done by them team. To our extreme happiness they said YES! and lighted a way for us to proceed further. 


    We are happy to finally being able to launch 10000 Startup T-shirts, mugs and posters (more to follow soon). You can shop for them right in our store or get directed to 10000 Startup Collection directly by click the following link: 10000 Startups by NASSCOM



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  • Superman deliveries and penny's fees

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    With onset of ecom boom in the country the pressure  on logistics companies have increased. There is a problem and logistics companies are trying to find the solution to it. Transaction worth millions are done on everyday basis via e-commerce companies. Goods worth double are transported every day.

    E-commerce companies are in the race to score the top slot. Customers are getting impatient. They need next day delivery of the products. They need instant update of their packages. They need services of Taj Hotel from the roadside Dhaba. They put pressure on ecomm companies who force delivery companies to work extra time.

    In whole this process of rat race and extravagant demand only few people are crushed, the one involved in logistics. Customers blame them for late deliveries, irresponsible behaviour. E-commerce companies blame them late deliveries and misrouting.

    In whole this we forgot that there is scope of human error and that we are expecting from fellow humans. We need to be considerate. They also deserves holidays and some appreciation.

    This Rakhi, it has happened with us that people ordered on day previous to rakhi and wanted their gift to be delivered on Rakhi itself. We being in the rat race are willing to work extra time, forego our holidays only for happiness of being able to deliver the brother/sister's gift.

    Our delivery partners worked extra time too, delivering 90% of gifts on time. They worked on Rakhi for us. We couldn't expect more than that from them and we really want to applaud them from that.

    What really hurts that even working extra time by us and our logistics partners, people call the service unprofessional and irresponsible. We can work extra time, we can work extra hard and we can even let our holidays go to dustbin but we cannot be held responsible for the last moment order and expecting superman delivery.

    Your boss scolded you, you fought with your husband/wife or you are irritated due to the scorching hot weather. We are not responsible for these things too. Please do not be angry with us for these things. Be a little considerate and try to enjoy good and auspicious days rather than being scornful and burn your blood.

    We would like to thanks our team for working extra time on Rakhi, our logistics partners for delivering on Rakhi and to the people who are happy and unhappy for our products and services. We will keep on giving awesome products and service but due to some restrictions put on us by God we can't be Superman.

    Team PosterGuy

    PS- Our logistics partner is Delhivery

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  • It’s FIFA ’14!!!!

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    Dudes and dudettes!!! The biggest sporting event is here. Every four years the best countries of the world gear up to battle in the greatest tournament of FIFA (Fédération Internationale de Football Association). And like any other year, this year’s FIFA is proving to bring its own goof-ups and controversies. I myself am not a fan of football, but FIFA is something hard to not get attached to. Plus it would hurt not to be part of such a huge sporting  phenomenon and miss all those exciting pages of newspapers and tweets and memes splashed all over internet.

    Messi, the most popular name of football who even non-fans are sure of knowing has proved his mettle this world cup. The talented Argentinean was repeatedly thwarted in the 2010 edition and could not score a single goal. In this edition, however he has already scored four goals and steered his country to the top 16 making him the highest goal scorer of the tournament along with Brazil’s charismatic Neymar. Messi scored a brilliant goal in the frustrating match against Iran in the extra time. In the recent match against Nigeria, he clinched the free-kick advantage by a beautifully manoeuvred kick.  Another star making headlines is Arjen Robben of Netherlands. The Holland player along with his teammate Van Persie was instrumental in his country’s 4-1 victory against the defending champions, Spain. Both have scored three goals each. Some other notable names have been Thomas Muellar and Klose of Germany, James Rodriguez of Columbia and Karim Benzama of France.

    The biggest disappointment of this year was Spain, the defending champions of both the World Cup and the Euro Cup. We have recovered from that shock, but we have are on the brink of getting another in the form of bidding adieu to the player of the year Christiano Ronaldo. Another such player Mario Balotelli. This year FIFA has indeed brought many surprises with the bigwigs of Europe like Spain, Italy, Portugal and England getting eliminated. The American countries like Mexico, USA, Costa Rica, Brazil, Argentina, Uruguay and Columbia have done very well and most of them have either advanced or have huge chances of advancing to the next 16. Adding a philosophical touch, I say this shows the oft repeated phenomenon that change is what persists, and the position of numero uno tosses between countries just as a football tosses in a soccer game. Let us see who will be the victorious successor of Spain.

    The newest scoop of FIFA 14 oozing controversy and drooling exclamations from the people is the biting incident of people’s darling Luis Suarez. Suarez scored two brilliant goals in his country’s 2-1 victory against England. However the Uruguayan forward has been in the news recently for ‘biting’ Italy’s Chiellini. The incident attracted angry and shocked tweets from fans around the world and the sword of ban now looms above the star player’s head. We can only hope that justice prevails.

    Stay hooked to Fifa 14 and we will be back with some more scoop next time!!

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