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The biggest failure we face mostly in our life is not the failure in the end, it is when we fail to start. It is the only time when our fear of risk of failure actually leads to a definite one.

Beginning often decides the direction of path we take, so it will be hard. It might not lead to the target, but the excuse of not getting started merely due to this reason is the common mistake we often make in our lives.



How can we comment on the outcome without even getting started? Will it be the first failure faced by us? How could we expect a person to win the race when he is hesitates to start?

He may lose the race but he is and will be more successful than the one who failed to start. So to start with a positive mind without being afraid of failure is necessary to set the momentum for the long journey that waits you.

The fear of failure is the greatest barrier we build for us which hinders our potential to start. So no matter how difficult it is,don't give up and rather just get start.

You may not have the right beginning to reach the desired designation, but that right start will take you towards the journey and designation you deserve which will be much better than you ever desired.


"You don't have to be great to get started, but you have to get started to be great"


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