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We often sit back and imagine Our Success and visualize everything we wish to be. But at the same time we fear the path leading to it. One fact that we miss out on, while enjoying our dreams with closed eyes is the adrenalin rush which one gets only when he feels every bit of the pain while moving slowly towards success.
Being an entrepreneur is just like a big big roller-coaster ride . It starts of really slowly and then  As it moves forward the speed takes on us. We are scared at first, we might scream and shout just like in the real world we sigh and grieve while  facing failures. But there comes a stage where we are all into it, enjoying the pace and that adrenalin rush of the body and mind. Slowly and steadily we start enjoying that feeling, and we are our own masters. We learn the power of controlling and have a hold on our emotions and there arrives the moment when everything moves as we want it to. And just as this starts happening you see the goal coming closer. The ultimate goal. 
Being an entrepreneur is way too crazy than this and if one misses on this chance he sure is missing something worth a try. 
Life is not about being born and then dying one day. Its about living it on your own terms in your own way.


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