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Ahhh!!! Now that we are motivated to be a part of the roller coaster or rather head the ride, what one needs is an idea. 
I often sit back and try to think of something that can make my life change, which is something I love, at the same time out of the world. But then comes the big problem of not being able to find anything of this sort. Then I imagine all those people who are big shots now. God!! Where in this world do they find the ideas. 
Then I remember meeting this friend of mine a talented smart gentleman who is an owner of a startup now. While in our college days he used to tell me, one might not know everything of this big world but make yourself profound about at least any one thing. And that is the thing he follows even now.  
To be an entrepreneur one does not need to be as brainy as Einstein or as rich as  Tata, Birla. What you need to have is just a simple idea. An idea about which you are absolutely thorough, an idea of which you know in and out, an idea which might not be out of the world, but of which just you are the master. 
One might not have money in the start but the one thing that you have is the originality of thoughts which is way too precious than you can ever imagine.


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