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An idea can change your life. A quote well said. Now that everything is set and you are all ready with your idea and lots of courage in heart, you might be thinking everything is done. But here you need to correct yourself, its just the first phase that you are through. 

I had my set of idea ready with me and I was all set to go for it then it was the time to tell this to my family. Well, your family might be very supportive in whatever you do but believe me this one is surely a shock to them. And this you would realise slowly as days pass by and you ain't even earning a penny. Nobody understands you until something you work on pays off. And similarly my family asked me again and again everyday, is this going to work out? You have the family business, why don't you join that? Why don't you go for a 9-5 job? And in my mind I used to answer, i don't want to be a regular 9-5 guy, what I want to be is the one who is the master of his own time. 
And so I decided one day to sit and make my mom understand what it actually feels. My answer then and now remains the same, "A startup is like ones own baby." You feed it with your ideas, you nurture with your hard work, you work day and night without looking at the clock for days and months together and finally comes the time when your baby is big and ready to take up responsibility. And you are finally there. You are the market leaders.
What it requires is a lot of patience and endless hard work, because life is a game and everybody is playing it , what makes the difference is how good you are, in deciding your moves.


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