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Life has not been easy till now, trust me. But I surely can guarantee that it has been way too satisfying than it could ever have been. I am running something on my own. I have things to tell to people about how I created something which is different. But all this does not end there. Now its time to decide as to what had to be the next move.

While you run a business on your own one thing that you learn for sure is no work is small. You are running a company which is sure to earn you Billions ( being highly optimistic) but at the moment you are King without a Kingdom. You realize the value of every penny. From spending thousands of Rupees you come down to double digits. And that is how you start defining the balance in your life. For you pizza used to be a craze now you prefer maggi.  You start doing things which you might never have even thought of. For you every source of money opens up a door to making a big business. You struggle but you learn. You learn the hard way and when its the hard way, its hard to forget. You get lessons for life time. And then you can proudly say to yourself 'I have not just spent my life, I truly have lived and experienced it.'  

Doing job is a part of life, but business becomes your life itself, giving new directions and learnings to you at every step.


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