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Life hadn't been easy at all till now. But it sure is better than the state of Congress in India. The elections are over and the results are out the new government is chosen by the youth, by us. The coming in of BJP government after 10 years surely gives motivation. For entrepreneurs like us every happening is a learning. BJP has taught us the fact that patience and continuous effort surely takes you closer to the goals. And when you get to your goal through this manner you surely are to be followed by all.

The entire country is chanting NAMO NAMO and believes in the fact that it is time for a change. When you talk about a startup its all about getting a change in the mindset. Enabling people to follow you for what you project to them as the best. 
And with the change in the government it is time to look forward to some good beneficial stuffs in favour of the startups. The government is raised by the youth, the young entrepreneurs to get the positive wave which takes the country forward and we surely are waiting to see what the government has in stock for startups like us.


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