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"Don't run after pretty stuff
Make your stuff pretty"

We all run after pretty stuff throughout our life.We want pretty jobs,pretty cars,pretty houses and pretty girls.But how long do we keep stumbling in this never ending labyrinth until we realize the futility of it all and are insinuated with a desire of doing something of our own.In the scientific world scientists create something new all the time.But in the world of entrepreneurship and business how does one wield independence?Welcome to the world of start-ups.Here people conceive ideas and make them materialize through sheer hard work.In this world bubbling with so much talent and so many ideas,you ought to do something novel to prove your mettle.However it is important to understand that start-ups are not a separate class of firms which are started in a different way from others.

"Even the best painter starts with a blank wall "

The huge corporate giants we see around us stand today because once in the past,one or more persons decided to make something new rather than associate with the existing companies.The successful companies we see around us:Microsoft,Facebook,Google,Reliance,Tata came into existence because some people wanted to create something new.Mark Zuckerberg started working on Facebook while still in Harvard at the age of nineteen.Closer home,Reliance was found because of Dhirubhai Ambani's vision.

In a developing country like India,where a large fraction of the population is youth and new ideas are continuously needed to propel the country,start-ups are very much in vogue.Start-ups like Flipkart,Snapdeal,Zomato,Housing etc have proved that it is possible to make to the cut of A-list companies.The necessary requirements the courage to explore something new and work hard to make it work.It is heartening to note that colleges are encouraging start-ups by introducing entrepreneurship cells and introducing policies like deferred placements where budding entrepreneurs can be offered placements even after two years of their completing graduation so that they can pursue their start-ups without any inhibitions.

"A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step"

You have to start with the first step,with a single drop and with a single stroke of paintbrush.So have patience,take it slow and be focused on your goal.Not long from now,you might be handing out your company's IPO!So stop running after the pretty stuff.Start making your own stuff pretty.



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