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The latest episode of the Game of Thrones, ’The Mountain and the Viper’ was one of the most awaited episodes of the season and it’s blood pumping combat didn’t disappoint. We all loved Tyrion and the recently introduced character of Oberon but the latter was brutally killed by one of the most horrid characters; the Mountain and consequently Tyrion was sentenced to his death. So what is the most alluring and shocking factor underlying the plot of the entire series? It is that the world is unfair, and heroes don’t always win. In GOT actually they lose more than they win. I ended up worshiping Ned Stark in the first installment of the series as he was a character free of malice, only to see the story culminate in the chopping of his head. And the evilest of all, Cersei continues to win. The odds always seem to be against the good characters. So is the world always so unfair? Is it always the good characters who fail and the shrewd and cunning win?

The GOT series might be an exaggeration in the sense that R.R. Martin loves sending our favourite characters to their graves, but the real world might also not be always bright. We may often feel that we don’t get what we deserve, that we ought to be in a much better place. We might be jealous of our more successful peers, and might harbour resentment that they don’t really deserve all the glory. So how is our real world?

We have heard inspiring life-stories of great people, how they achieved exceptional success through hard work. But we shouldn’t forget that to reach the peak, they have faced all kinds of obstacles. They also might have felt dejected at a point, when they felt helpless and frustrated, but they continued to work hard, despite of going through many bitter emotions. It is not their success or their amazing feats and life which distinguish them from the not so fortunate ones. They also go through all types of mixed emotions. It is their not stopping despite of all odds that makes them different. True life is often unfair, and I am not saying that you will be compensated for all the bitter moments in your life, but bad times can’t go on forever. It has to end. Nothing lasts. Even the earth won’t last. It would be incinerated by the heat of the red giant into which the sun would convert. That is way into the future so we don’t need to worry about that. What we should remember is that everything is ephemeral. And you don’t need to worry that you are not earning millions, or that you don’t have a huge house or that you aren’t the owner of a big company. Life is not about winning amazing stuff or achieving extraordinary success. It is about chasing your passion, working for it and living life to the fullest. Our lives aren’t as dismal as the GOT world or for that matter, ’The Hunger Games’ world. But when you feel that it is approaching it, remember, everything shall pass. Stop comparing yourself with others, polish yourselves to perfection. So smile, don’t croon, enjoy your work and admire the beauty around you. ‘Cause you can never be sure of when it might vanish. So start enjoying life, trust me, it is not worth crying about!


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