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With onset of ecom boom in the country the pressure  on logistics companies have increased. There is a problem and logistics companies are trying to find the solution to it. Transaction worth millions are done on everyday basis via e-commerce companies. Goods worth double are transported every day.

E-commerce companies are in the race to score the top slot. Customers are getting impatient. They need next day delivery of the products. They need instant update of their packages. They need services of Taj Hotel from the roadside Dhaba. They put pressure on ecomm companies who force delivery companies to work extra time.

In whole this process of rat race and extravagant demand only few people are crushed, the one involved in logistics. Customers blame them for late deliveries, irresponsible behaviour. E-commerce companies blame them late deliveries and misrouting.

In whole this we forgot that there is scope of human error and that we are expecting from fellow humans. We need to be considerate. They also deserves holidays and some appreciation.

This Rakhi, it has happened with us that people ordered on day previous to rakhi and wanted their gift to be delivered on Rakhi itself. We being in the rat race are willing to work extra time, forego our holidays only for happiness of being able to deliver the brother/sister's gift.

Our delivery partners worked extra time too, delivering 90% of gifts on time. They worked on Rakhi for us. We couldn't expect more than that from them and we really want to applaud them from that.

What really hurts that even working extra time by us and our logistics partners, people call the service unprofessional and irresponsible. We can work extra time, we can work extra hard and we can even let our holidays go to dustbin but we cannot be held responsible for the last moment order and expecting superman delivery.

Your boss scolded you, you fought with your husband/wife or you are irritated due to the scorching hot weather. We are not responsible for these things too. Please do not be angry with us for these things. Be a little considerate and try to enjoy good and auspicious days rather than being scornful and burn your blood.

We would like to thanks our team for working extra time on Rakhi, our logistics partners for delivering on Rakhi and to the people who are happy and unhappy for our products and services. We will keep on giving awesome products and service but due to some restrictions put on us by God we can't be Superman.

Team PosterGuy

PS- Our logistics partner is Delhivery


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