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It is always good to know that someone is looking over your shoulders to help you. 10000 Startups by NASSCOM is an initiative that will ensure that you get mentored and advice of experts through your journey. Being called in initiative, its different from other incubators, accelerators and Co-working space such that instead of promising few startups money for initial operations it motivates and helps 500 Startups in each batch.


The idea is to create entrepreneurship awareness among people, groom them for national and global reach and train for a marathon and not a one year Startup Sprint. Even Google and Microsoft together has partnership with NASSCOM for 10000 Startups. Of all the shortlisted companies, few are able to get funding directly from the Organisaton and others are introduced to investors, mentors and industry experts.


It is a community of Entrepreneurs and Startups, a badge of pride and feeling of being connected to one other. In the end we are all in Noah's arc. The water is treacherous and unpredictably. We all need to coexist. 10000 Startups is like a shepherd for the coexistence for best Startups of the country.


Among the benefits of the initiative, one should look at the motivational post on their facebook page. The kind of Startup Tee and Tech tee, the innovative mugs are all to look for. We almost drool over their posters and dissuader series. One must say that these mugs, t-shirts and posters are worth for one's office and home. Being in love with these we went to them with a marriage proposal to print their t-shirts, posters and mugs and let more people appreciate the wonderful work done by them team. To our extreme happiness they said YES! and lighted a way for us to proceed further. 


We are happy to finally being able to launch 10000 Startup T-shirts, mugs and posters (more to follow soon). You can shop for them right in our store or get directed to 10000 Startup Collection directly by click the following link: 10000 Startups by NASSCOM



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    This a really good initiative for the budding entrepreneurs. I am looking forward to buy these motivational products. You really have a good collection of motivational posters.

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