• 50 Motivational Quotes & Posters that boost Productivity at Work/Home

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    Sometimes small things makes bigger difference in life. There are times when you just frustrated , tired or bored at work. It is not surprising that the day still passes by and you go home doing a sloppy job at work.

    Motivational Posters are a way to keep up the productivity whenever you have a look at them. The hustle insied shall never die if you look at the Posters, it reminds you of your dreams, what made you do things that you do. 

    PosterGuy brings you 50 Motivational Posters, designed for every Individual from all walks of life like Entrepreneur Doctor, Engineer, Startups, Pet Lovers, Children, etc. Have a good look at them so that you don't miss out the one made just for you.

    Startup Oath Motivational White Poster

    Startup Oath Motivational White Poster

    My Secret

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  • 10 Best Funny Coffee Mugs Available Online in India

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    Which coffee or tea lover does not want to have some cool and special design on their mug? Probably none. You will find many many mugs online and offline and it is sometimes hard to choose one’s own mug. 

    It is sometimes particularly difficult when you are buying a gift for someone. Which one will they really like? Well, it should not be a problem anymore with our collection of funny coffee mugs. They surely are very much spot on filled with typography, sarcasms, humor and insults which would be part of your daily lives. So here we go. 

    We have possibly the best funny coffee. With our team of 500+ designers we have curated the best and unique funny coffee mugs in India available for for you

    Manufactured specially for you on order, these cool mugs with their funny and unique design are made of high quality porcelain ceramic and are microwave and dishwasher safe. 

    As a great gift, they will definitely add some wit to your morning coffee.


    Faith is Like Wifi


    I DoNut Care


    Pug - Life is Good


    Be Cool Yo!


    Dan Blizerian

    Chetwani- Budhi Brasht Log Kaam Pe

    Hanging Out Bro

    Holy Chic

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  • 10 Cool & Unique Designs on Coffee Mugs you can buy right now in India

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     If you drink coffee regularly, you can never have enough mugs. It is much better to start each day fresh. The mugs with unique designs mentioned below are not just practical, but cool and funny. Each one offers its own unique take over the design on the mug. Some are a bit whimsical and funny while others are just plain and cool. If you need to add a few more creative mugs to your collection, look no further because all of these cool, cute, and stylish designs are for sale right now in India at PosterGuy. Buy one for your morning coffee or tea at home, another for your commute to work and one more to keep at the office for you to get your day really started right. Just make sure you keep it safe from those jealous colleagues who are always looking to poach a new mug.

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  • 13 Creative Uses of Coffee Mugs You Never Knew

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    Coffee Mugs: Most of the people buy mugs either to gift to someone or reflecting thoughts and aspirations of self every time they take a sip from their favorite drink. Unconventional methods of trying new approaches in life help us lea a better life, also it helps reducing the boredom from life.

    Why would I encourage you to clutter up your house, you ask? Well, there's a good reason. Those coffee mugs aren't just dust collectors—if you know some tricks, they can serve multiple purposes in your kitchen that make life a whole lot easier.


    1.Sharpen Your Knives

    Sharp Knives are safer to use in the kitchen than dull blades, meaning there's a lot more chance for slippage and injury. But not everyone has access to the knife sharpening experts we have roaming in streets. Not to worry. You can use a coffee mug to keep your blade honed. You can get more in-depth watching the video below.

     Video Link:-


    2.Cooling Rack made with Coffee Mugs

    You need a wire rack to cool down the freshly baked goods to ensure your recipe justifies it’s performance. In case you can’t find or don’t have a wire rack, you can use these cool Coffee mugs.

    PosterGuy Coffee Mugs

    If you want your baked good to cool down even more quickly, you can take it out of the pan and balance it on top of the coffee mugs, too. In that case, make sure they're upside down for stability.


    3.Phone Amplifier

    Most of us don’t have phones with loud volume levels. No technology has been yet able to provide bass in mobile phone speakers .What if you have someone on speaker and you can't hear him, or you want to play a friend one of your favorite songs? If you've got a coffee mug handy, you can amplify your speaker's reach in one easy move.

    PosterGuy Coffee Mugs
    PosterGuy Coffee Mugs



    4.Microwave Platform for Bowls and Other Things.

    Problem with small Microwaves is that you just cannot put even two small size bowls side to side at the same time. Following is a simple hack which will allow you to warm your both bowls simultaneously. wondering why you didn’t think of it earlier?

    PosterGuy Use Microwave Coffee Mugs

    This Reddit user's mom showed him this trick.

    Image by DaNReDaN/Imgur

    You can learn more microwave techniques to get better-tasting food here.


    5.Brownie/Cake Holder

    You may not always bake huge quantities of brownies everytime, sometimes you just want to make small bunch to enjoy your evening quietly. Once again, the coffee mug comes to the rescue. Use Coffee Mug and you must have a Microwave. Eureka !! You will bake a perfect Brownie in no time.

    PosterGuy Coffee Mugs

    Not only can you mix all of your ingredients in the mug, you can cook it in there, too, saving yourself a lot of mess.


    6.Poached Egg

    Making poached eggs has never been so easy by using Coffee Mugs. One of the tricks to getting great poached eggs is to slide the eggs gently into the water.

    PosterGuy Coffee Mugs



    7.All-Around Egg/Maggie Cooking Tool

    Coffee Mug is all you need if you get hungry at office. It is an Office worker’s dream come true. Just pour some water in the mug and Microwave it for a minute or two, then just slide your egg or Maggie inside it gently and you are good to go. You can even Hardboil an egg using Cofee Mugs. You can check out the online tutorials if you wish.

    PosterGuy egg in coffee mugs


    8.Small Plant Pot

    A mug is the perfect size for a tiny plant. Try planting a hearty small plant, or even some basil in it. Just make sure you have it in a place where it’ll get plenty of light. (Just don’t over water the plant, as the mug does not have a drainage hole.) If you don’t have a green thumb, try growing a cactus.


    9.Candle holding Jar

    Normally you’d see candles in a glass jar, but you know what, you can just pour your melted wax and add your wick in the Coffee Mug. When it sets, you’ll have a unique candle. This is also a great use for a tea cup if you wish.


    10.Gift Holder

    If you go to office with gifts like chocoloates and candies. You can cheer up a coworker/friend by getting cool mugs from Websites like


    11.Bathroom Organizer

    Do you share a bathroom with a roommate or family member? Mugs offer a great way to separate your toiletries, like toothbrushes, razors and such. That Garfield ‘I Hate Mondays’ mug? Clearly not yours. No more bathroom mix ups!



    Do you have a favorite mug that wound up being chipped or cracked? Break it up and use the pieces to make a ceramic mosaic, if you’re so inclined.

    Do you have any other uses for mugs? Share them in the comments!


    13.Ash Tray

    Sometime during Surprise occasion, you end up having smokers around. You can use Coffee Mugs to put that ash away from your floor.

    Do you have any other uses for mugs? Do Share them in the comments!




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  • Valentine's day & Love Gifts

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    Well, it’s that time of the year again!
    It’s February and that means you’re going to be seeing tons of red and fluffy things everywhere around you.
    And there’ll be loads of mystic wondering regarding the much debated question of everyday being the lover’s day & all of that and no matter how much you try or how remotely associated you are with the celebrations, you will be swooped in the lover’s trauma that is, in fact−valentine’s day.
    Enter, the PosterGuy, in all his awesomeness.
    At PosterGuy, we’re always in support of love among other things, but this time…just this time, we’re also here for the haters.
    Valentine’s Day can be just a tad bit annoying…we get that and that is precisely why you should be extra positive this year…positivity is endurance and team that up with a large size pizza & your favorite show reruns…and you’re all set for your own version of Valentine’s Day.  
    Now coming back to the lot that won’t need the power of imagination this Valentine’s Day ! The lovers.
    Well, there’s no reason for you to sulk, the posterguy’s always been there for you and this year, things just got fancier in the gifting arena.  
    We agree that everyday should be Valentine’s Day but the world would be really broke if that were the case and if there is one such day assigned for the celebration of love, lovers and couples…then we’re not going to be the ones ruining the essence. We like love. And that liking has produced some pretty great stuff to hang on to this Valentine’s.
    From Valentine theme iPhone cases to cushion covers that will melt your heart, it’s all there for you to give and receive.
    It’s the season of love and what better way to express that feeling than telling them how you feel about them with these cute wonders…so go ahead people, ask them out with our classic “Be my valentine?” and “I’m crazy about you” designs.
    Choose from our wide range of products designed in the name of love. Aah, love.
    It’s the glue that’s been holding the world together and let us all come together in celebration of just that and more.
    Happy Valentine’s Day people!
    Let’s make love…lovelier.



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    Amrita Chanda

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