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Coffee Mugs: Most of the people buy mugs either to gift to someone or reflecting thoughts and aspirations of self every time they take a sip from their favorite drink. Unconventional methods of trying new approaches in life help us lea a better life, also it helps reducing the boredom from life.

Why would I encourage you to clutter up your house, you ask? Well, there's a good reason. Those coffee mugs aren't just dust collectors—if you know some tricks, they can serve multiple purposes in your kitchen that make life a whole lot easier.


1.Sharpen Your Knives

Sharp Knives are safer to use in the kitchen than dull blades, meaning there's a lot more chance for slippage and injury. But not everyone has access to the knife sharpening experts we have roaming in streets. Not to worry. You can use a coffee mug to keep your blade honed. You can get more in-depth watching the video below.

 Video Link:- https://youtu.be/i0AMeLYHJ2c


2.Cooling Rack made with Coffee Mugs

You need a wire rack to cool down the freshly baked goods to ensure your recipe justifies it’s performance. In case you can’t find or don’t have a wire rack, you can use these cool Coffee mugs.

PosterGuy Coffee Mugs

If you want your baked good to cool down even more quickly, you can take it out of the pan and balance it on top of the coffee mugs, too. In that case, make sure they're upside down for stability.


3.Phone Amplifier

Most of us don’t have phones with loud volume levels. No technology has been yet able to provide bass in mobile phone speakers .What if you have someone on speaker and you can't hear him, or you want to play a friend one of your favorite songs? If you've got a coffee mug handy, you can amplify your speaker's reach in one easy move.

PosterGuy Coffee Mugs
PosterGuy Coffee Mugs



4.Microwave Platform for Bowls and Other Things.

Problem with small Microwaves is that you just cannot put even two small size bowls side to side at the same time. Following is a simple hack which will allow you to warm your both bowls simultaneously. wondering why you didn’t think of it earlier?

PosterGuy Use Microwave Coffee Mugs

This Reddit user's mom showed him this trick.

Image by DaNReDaN/Imgur

You can learn more microwave techniques to get better-tasting food here.


5.Brownie/Cake Holder

You may not always bake huge quantities of brownies everytime, sometimes you just want to make small bunch to enjoy your evening quietly. Once again, the coffee mug comes to the rescue. Use Coffee Mug and you must have a Microwave. Eureka !! You will bake a perfect Brownie in no time.

PosterGuy Coffee Mugs

Not only can you mix all of your ingredients in the mug, you can cook it in there, too, saving yourself a lot of mess.


6.Poached Egg

Making poached eggs has never been so easy by using Coffee Mugs. One of the tricks to getting great poached eggs is to slide the eggs gently into the water.

PosterGuy Coffee Mugs



7.All-Around Egg/Maggie Cooking Tool

Coffee Mug is all you need if you get hungry at office. It is an Office worker’s dream come true. Just pour some water in the mug and Microwave it for a minute or two, then just slide your egg or Maggie inside it gently and you are good to go. You can even Hardboil an egg using Cofee Mugs. You can check out the online tutorials if you wish.

PosterGuy egg in coffee mugs


8.Small Plant Pot

A mug is the perfect size for a tiny plant. Try planting a hearty small plant, or even some basil in it. Just make sure you have it in a place where it’ll get plenty of light. (Just don’t over water the plant, as the mug does not have a drainage hole.) If you don’t have a green thumb, try growing a cactus.


9.Candle holding Jar

Normally you’d see candles in a glass jar, but you know what, you can just pour your melted wax and add your wick in the Coffee Mug. When it sets, you’ll have a unique candle. This is also a great use for a tea cup if you wish.


10.Gift Holder

If you go to office with gifts like chocoloates and candies. You can cheer up a coworker/friend by getting cool mugs from Websites like www.posterguy.in


11.Bathroom Organizer

Do you share a bathroom with a roommate or family member? Mugs offer a great way to separate your toiletries, like toothbrushes, razors and such. That Garfield ‘I Hate Mondays’ mug? Clearly not yours. No more bathroom mix ups!



Do you have a favorite mug that wound up being chipped or cracked? Break it up and use the pieces to make a ceramic mosaic, if you’re so inclined.

Do you have any other uses for mugs? Share them in the comments!


13.Ash Tray

Sometime during Surprise occasion, you end up having smokers around. You can use Coffee Mugs to put that ash away from your floor.

Do you have any other uses for mugs? Do Share them in the comments!





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