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“What’s great about the Minion language, while it is gibberish, it sounds real because Pierre puts in words from many languages.”

Minionese,  a language with no grammer constraints or other rules is utterly lovable and contextual. Pierre Coffin uses phonetics to make us understand the words in addition to context. If something sounds, or have tones of words or phrases we are familiar with, our brain will automatically fit the meaning into it.

Like in a scene, when minions are buying toy for Agnes, they say Papoy. It sounds like the word toy and they are buying a toy. So there's no confusion.

Lots of words from different languages including French, English, Spanish and Italian are used in Minionese. There are lots of food references though. For example: 'poulet tiki masala' is French for Indian chicken dish

Minions express themselves though actions, not words: their "language" is nascent. They jabber a lot with English words such as "Bapples", spanish "para tú" (roughly "for you"), and Korean words such as "Hana(하나), Dul(둘), Sae (From Set [셋]" means One, Two, Three). They do understand English. And one day we all will understand and read their language.

Other understandable phrases in their language

Poppadom? – a common Minion phrase, an Indian appetizer of similar name, 'papad'

Gelato! – Italian for icecream.

Kanpai – Japanese, meaning Cheers!

Pwede na – Filipino language – it means Can we start?

boda - spanish for wedding

oki-kalo-mata - looks like Leonardo DiCaprio shouting I’m the king of the world

beedo beedo - FIRE!!!!!



Lets Minionize our World!


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