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1. Sparsh

It has Naseeruddin Shah and Shabana Azmi. So there is nothing much to say about this Movie. Go ahead and watch it in case you haven't already.



2. Pyaasa

This movie takes you along on a realistic Journey of life. This Movie has been quoted as the best Movie of the Century and centuries to come. In case you haven't seen this one, go ahead and don't waste time.


3. Maine Pyaar Kiya

Though Salman Khan Movies have no sense at all, but the stupid and innocent friendship turning into a love story is worth watching. 


4. Mr and Mrs Iyer

You can kill People, but Love cannot be killed or tamed. This movie exemplifies the statement. Set in the backdrop of Riots, this movie is a tale of Love between a Brahman Lady and a Muslim man. I think this alone makes it worth watching.



Ask your Grandparents/parents about the Best Romantic Movies of their time. And they will tell you about the PakeeZah


6. Socha Na Tha

An unconventional love story with a lot of Chaos in Between will lighten up your day. 



7. Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge

No Romantic Movies List is Complete without this film. This is the only reason for this Movie to be in the List.



8. Guide

The story of a Guide and a Married woman is the film you must not miss.


9. The LunchBox

This movie starring Irfan Khan will make up your day for sure. 


10. Kabhi Kabhie

Yash Chopra Movies generally dont make any sense. But this one will surely win you heart. You can see this film for it's most famous song titled 'Kabhi Kabhie mere Dil mei Khyaal Aata hai.'




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