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We all want to change the way our rooms look. Give it a more personal touch. Hang that Van Gogh, paint the walls new and use Suede Leather on the chairs. Not only they are very expensive but high on maintenance and difficult to change. 

We curated a list of 5 easy to use decor ideas. You can use these to brighten up your room and give it fresh look

  • Sweater Pilllow:

Use your old colorful sweaters, do a little stitching and convert your pillows into vibrant piece of haute couture.   

Source: HoneyBearlane


  •  Books or Bricks

 Books look rich, give an intellectual feel to the room. You may not like reading books but everybody likes to show off collections of books they own. Take inspiration from Light Reading Melbourne and buy some awesome bricks painted into Books. (Yes! they are actual bricks and not books )

  • Fabric Wall Art

Abstract Art! Surface Painting! These are items of latest fad. While many people fail to understand the rationale about the painting, they hang one in their offices. You could actually take a piece of printed cloth, frame it and hang it proudly on your walls. They look elegant. And also gives you a wide variety of stuff to choose from


Source: Indulgy


  • TYRES!!

This one might be the quirkiest DIY in this small list. But take old tires and paint them according to your room colors. Use them as table or corner show piece. This will also work as a pot plant

Source: Hometalk 



  •  Framed Art or Mugs

There's a bit of self promotion here but we actually have wide variety of Artwork on different products designed by designers all over India. You can choose your self expression in form of an art on poster, mugs, coasters and many more products. 


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