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We're proud to announce that, PosterGuy has now opened for Phase-2 for all Artists and supporters to join! 

We are cracking our way to open PosterGuy to as many artists, designers and brands as possible, so this is another great achievement. We believe this is simply the start of something special

All of us at PosterGuy believes it is our mission to empower the world's artists, to provide them with a platform to share and earn. We also consider PosterGuy is a work in progress of it's own. So, we want to begin by rewinding and begin to share with everyone how we got here...

Our friend is a comic author. He wanted to add merchandise to his comic strips. When he couldn't scrape together the vendors and funds to go, we knew there was a problem. We realized that handling operations and account is not forte of artists. These are roadblocks.  This happens every day to new (and independent) Artists from every creative school from every corner of the India. So, we created PosterGuy with the hope that this would never happen again and we are always present there to help them out 

Please remember that as a designer you should also invite your network to join in PosterGuy. If you feel what we're doing is right and want to move forward with us, please show your support by helping us attract more designers, so that we can in-turn attract more sales and work for you.

As always, we love your feedback (good and bad) as it gives us a perspective that we need to do as we continue to improve the PosterGuy experience every day.

This is one of many big moments for PosterGuy, and we appreciate you taking part!

More info on Phase-2 will be rolled out soon :)


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