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So you've decided to develop apps and websites and make a living out of it. Well, that's cool!

But if you are a web developer or a designer, you may want to answer the question asked by specifically focusing on the word 'creating'.

Developing apps and software required a hell lot of creativity, troubleshooting and problem solving skills in order to deliver the quality product to satisfy the needs of the client and provide an enriching user experience.

But to do so, you sometimes have to take a back-seat to focus on other equally important tasks. 'Testing' is one of those tasks. You cannot ignore how vital software testing is for any digital agency. You can have best of both when you balance your primary role with it. However, when testing overrules the primary process, it starts delivering disastrous outcomes for creativity.

The Time!

For each and every designer out there, time is the most valuable commodity and you simply cannot afford to loose or waste it. Testing is the process that cannot be scheduled. It can stretch to hours and can become very stressful, adding after-hours to your day.

It can possibly have two effects on your company's and your well-being. 

  • Testing done by you, disturbed by your tiredness and desire to leave the office will be ineffective.
  • When after-hours starts to pile up, your whole development and design process will suffer.

But, let's not ignore the worst. The worst of testing done this way can cause missing bugs to come back which will eventually take more time and make you stressed and tired. Creativity will suffer under this scenario.

You will encourage the fact that rather improving the quality of system, testing can actually degrade it. So, your net outcome will be dissatisfied clients and an unstable product.

But what can you do to escape this?

Focus on your testing times

We have a solution to this problem. You can delicate the testing processes to the dedicated professionals. It will greatly reduce your work-load, allowing you to redirect your energies towards a more positive creative development process. 

Your product quality and your daily office experience will improve by following this process. Keeping your tight budgets aside, dedicated professionals come at a price and which can be adjusted with proper allocation of funds. 

The economy

It's the bitter truth! Hiring professionals will always require an extra ounce of cash for your company. However, it's not necessary that it will only increase your costs, it can also decrease your development costs, giving you an edge. 

Costs increase when poor testing impacts your processes in a negative way but, will deliver positive results if done smartly. Client dissatisfaction can take a lot of business from your company, which clearly means that while you get your software tested by professionals it will save your extra outgoing and can provide cost buffer to your company's long term projects. 

It all depends upon your approach. Whether you want to outsource the testing process or hire professionals for it, both approaches have a different level of expenditure attached to it.

Testing is meant to facilitate the development process. Your company and testing should have a common goal, delivering high quality products to the satisfied stakeholders. When processes are optimised, people at your company can focus on their primary tasks.

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