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Sketching has always been an important part of the animation industry. Before the launch of digital tools, traditional medium in the form of pencils were used to create animations. However, traditional pencils are used till now but the processes are now more simplified as compared to the old times.

Sketchbook Pro's Flipbook feature is one such example. You can read the full article at CreativeBloq. The article is written by Paris Christou and talks about how you can easily work with layers and brush tools to create your animations. Paris himself is a 2D animator, an illustrator and a teacher. He loves to share his knowledge through his website ToonBoxStudio.com

The articles directs you from setting up your animation project to finally completing it and giving final touches.
It explains how the tool is very basic, yet impressively user friendly. The article talks more about how this tool can lead the next generation of traditional tools.

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