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Explaining what graphic design is to someone, or explaining what you do as a graphic designer can be a daunting task. You can share the cool parts of the job (some part of it sucks though) but that's what people really expect out from the coolest job in the world, or maybe not!
However, explaining things can turn out to be an interesting exercise for you and what you do to the most basic of its elements.

So what it exactly is?

Design is particularly about communication, be that industrial design, automobile design or may be fashion design. But, it can be a pretty time consuming task to explain them to anybody. As the famous saying by Steve Jobs goes:

"Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works." 

 By making the text slightly more difficult to read, Audi A3 tried to engage the viewer's brain
Another aspect of the design can be:

"Design is about making something easy to use, or easy to understand"

Then there are all type of designers in the world. The game designers (those who design breathtaking games for you) furniture designers (those who design furniture) book designers (those who design page covers) and so on...talking about this toilet design is also very important. We use toilets everyday and the way they are designed is very important!

So now people have an understanding what design is? Now you have to explain what graphic design is

You can use colors, letters and pictures to make people understand things

You can start asking people some very basic yet important questions. You can use different pictures to find out what people really think about that thing. Certain artists think that Psychology has a huge impact on design. Unlike artists, designers have to create something effective to communicate. For example:
(Image source: medium.com)
The text written in both the images is the same but the way they communicate is different! Most of the people would say second one is effective because it is actually communicating with the person reading.
Take this image for an instance. See how the word 'fast' communicate with the viewer. The job of a graphic designer is to draw additional engagement through effective imagery. Using these visual tricks you can change the way a user is interacting with the image.
Unlike an artist, a graphic designer has to create something effective to communicate. Not just for art, a designer has to have a definite purpose and have to target that art to a target audience.
Compare the two images and see the impact yourself
It's all about the mood and what you think about the image. However, it's the choice of colors which affects the mood and changes the way an image communicate.


Engaging a user emotionally is however a difficult task to do. Covering everything, in short you can say:

“Designers are actually psychologists who can draw.”


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