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Valuable brands keep their stakeholders and advocates excited and motivated through hidden design messages to tell bigger and interesting stories about the brand in a highly visual yet, in a minimalist manner.

Brands like Easter eggs use secret design language in their products as hidden features to draw attention and engagement through their users. Norway passport department is also using this technique to improve the security measures in their new passport designs.

Utilizing design secrets in brand themes can be a strong design statement - the one which is utilised to create some buzz around the brand and act as a catalyst for more to come.

We as humans are attracted to those brands which challenges us to think more intellectually. Take Apple and Napster for an instance. They challenge their user and viewer in an interactive and intellectual way.

When people try to connect the dots, makes them feel special and attracted to a brand which has triggered brand identity with a wider audience.

Below are two tips on how your brands can turn minimal techniques to engage its audiences.

Opportunity 1. Let your design speak the brand identity

Brand identity or simple we call them logos are the best place to find hidden messages about a brand. As shown by Amazon's "delivering a smile and products from A-Z" to Baskin-Robbins' "31 flavors," key messages are often hidden within a logo. 

"A brand identity needs to say many things" 

A brand has to say a lot through their designs, and it is the job of the graphic designer to go beyond the obvious and create something engaging and intellectually captivating. He has to achieve all the objectives or some of them at-least by including some visual tricks in the designs.
Once, the customer finds the hidden elements in the design he feels more connected to the brand. Your logo alone can make your brand viral and make people talk about the deeper meaning about your brand.

Opportunity 2. Adding layers to the brand atmosphere

Your brand layers are the visual footprint about your brand. As soon as audience sees those layers they get in touch with the brand. These layers help a brand find more hidden opportunity with a scope of tapping them under the umbrella. Incorporating a strong design culture within your team is also an important part of the process.
The main idea is to dive into the core values of your brand. Is is simplified design like that of Apple or is it choice, like that of Baskin-Robbins. You already have to pay for your brand's identity and it is a great choice to develop your brand identity through your design language. 
Let the design do the talking and let it speak silently.


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