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In any case, selfish isn't synonym to decency, and people aren't too charmed about being descriptive in that way too. When it comes to being successful,you will be convinced that being selfish is critical. Despite being in a negative connotation, being selfish is important in the industry.

In the industry you'll encounter a number of artists who are extremely selfish people. But, what do we understand by being selfish? We're not talking about being self-centered or self-interested. Being that is of no fun. I am talking about putting YOU in front your creative life. Creating time for you, appreciating you, being the real you!

Artists whom I know are always working on their projects, promoting them and talking about their artworks all the time. We're at PosterGuy are not fans of boring, self-promoting artists. But, we like artists who bubbles their artwork on the surface and are never apologizing for doing so. Those are actually trying to make a difference through their artwork. It's actually a work ethic and personality trait we admire.

Let's run through some of our tried and tested selfish ways to make yourself noticed and honoring your creative art.

"Bloom Art" by Night Rain 

1. Self promote yourself and be confident in doing that


'The World of Psychedelic Stuff'  by Hitesh Sharma

Being confident is self-promoting yourself and seeing that as an ongoing process is a part of the progressive creativity. Be selfish in putting your work in front and not feeling apologetic about that.

"Nobody will be involved in your artwork as much as you will be. So you better go out and start talking about it".

Try to use it as a passion and start promoting that artwork. When you are talking about your passion, you are talking about something you love. It will connect more naturally with the people.

Other ways you can be comfortable in self-promoting yourself is to talk verbally and try to solve creative problems and talk to your friends about them or you can promote yourself quietly on social media or in a way which does not include being face to face.

2. Allocating time for creative work

Being an artist time allocation is very important for you. If you do not have a routine of creating artwork, you better create one now. Be selfish and dedicate as much time as possible to creating artwork. They are valuable because they tell what inspires you and what you do that with that inspiration. I know some artists who are caring towards their family and only get a few minutes or may be half-an hour for sketching.

Some artists are into full time non-creative jobs so they are more like weekend artists. The idea here is to make a routine for your artwork and stay with it like a glue. You cannot pass weeks or months by simply not creating anything at all.

Rainbow Rider Art by Hitesh Sharma

3. Take up space for yourself

If there's one piece of advice I wish someone would have given me years ago is based on an assumption that you are allowed to be an artist. I wish someone would have said that "It's ok to be an artist. Yes, you can do that and nobody will ever take this away from you".

Be confident and arrogant when talking about your artwork and sharing creatively to the world. Be selfish to create a space yourself online and offline. Affording yourself the right to creativity is one of the best ways to make sure you’re producing artworks often.

4. Talk about your work a way too often

Like I said "You are the only person who are connected with your artwork and no one will ever talk about your artwork unless and until you do so". Mention your work among the people you know. Update your peers and family with your progress. You are actually not being selfish when you are talking about art at first place. Just don't be a jerk when putting yourself or your views ahead.

We would love to hear out your experiences. You can share them in the comments section below.


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