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If you are a character artist, you can possibly open many commercial possibilities combining both illustration and motion graphics.

Building your career in one of these areas can turn out to be a valuable asset for your creative career. Ranging from cross-over animation, illustration and typography you can use everything, since the realm of character design is an interesting and enduring which has been disseminated on a larger scale.

Developing the skills on how to create a character and bring along what all is needed to build it is a hard skill. Well, that's a bigger picture. You can however use some pro tips from people who make a living out of it.

1. Draw Everyday

Creating a character is an ongoing process. You may include some elements in your character from daily inspirations. Honestly speaking there are no short cut in developing a character. You have to combine elements to give it a proper and complete shape.

Start investing time in illustrating character ideas. To become really efficient in crafting characters, you have to invest time in developing a visual language of your own.

2. No substitute to practice

Popular artists have this habit of carrying a sketchbook with them so that can practice on the go! They try to draw what they see and try to include them in their artwork.

3. Don't focus on style

Many artists try to develop their unique drawing style which can hinder rather than help in the process of creative development.

4. Know the story

Before creating a character you have to know what the story is all about. It is important to know about the narrative of a project and then developing a character according to that.

"Keep 50% story in your head then start developing characters and environments to set the mood".

5. Don't follow trends

There is no need to follow any trends, you know you've got it when people can tell you it's your work without actually knowing about it.

6. Follow your heart

The process through which a character is formed is more of a objective process and is based on intuition. It depends whether the project is more of a global one or a personalised one.

7. Real world observation

As an artist it is important for you to understand and notice what happens around you. You have to notice and then include those daily inspirations in your artwork.

"Just by observing the gestures and mechanics of a human or an animal can be a great source of inspiration for you "

Work of a designer tends not to reference literally rather they want the character to look like they want it to look like. Taking inspirations from the real world can help fuel creative ideas.

8. Engage people

Your job as a graphic artist is to communicate through your designs. A good character design needs to feel familiar to the viewer. A good design can communicate a lot about the character and the viewer can connect more naturally with it. However, much of the character is revealed by how it behaves not by how it looks.

9. Invest in your imagination

Making time for what you do as a designer is very important, especially from a commercial point of view. It's always great to learn new tips and tricks for character development to fetch  fresh avenues and design opportunities.

10. Less can be more

Try to follow a work flow in which you have to follow a rather more minimalist approach. Try to use less and approach projects in the simplest way to express emotions and convey messages.

 "Most important is transmitting the character's personality to the audience, but it's more fun if you can do that by going against the norm."


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