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We're all fans of superhero movies and these movies are not always about fighting with villains, wearing tights and saving the world from getting destroyed. Superhero need love too! Maybe that's why it's getting more important to pay attention to the superhero romances. Whether it's Batman, Arrow or Superman, they need love just like everyone else.

Judging from the latest superhero trailers it is evident that romances are going to be a major part of upcoming superhero movies.

Covering that we've picked some superhero romances from TV and movies that will keep us tuned every week ahead! Check them out.
1. Batman and Catwoman (Batman the animated series)
Catwoman may be an expert thief buy you cannot deny Batman's attraction towards her. She is one of the greatest Batman villains but we can see the recurring romantic scene between Batman and Catwoman.
Their more complicated relationship can be seen quite clearly here in this short film: Chase Me some part of it says that Bruce might want to give up the crime fighting scene and settle down with Selina.
2. Superman and Lois Lane

Their romance not exists much in the DC's comics but it's quite evident in the TV. The reason of including them was because no list would be complete without including TV series Lois and Clark. Four seasons of Lois and Clark did full justice to their romance. From co-workers to friends, to a couple to possible parents. This is one of the most realised TV romances.

3. Cyclops, Wolverine & Jean Grey (X-Men: The Animated Seres)
The 90's cartoon took a lot inspiration from the X-men the Animated Series and the love triangle between Cyclops, Wolverine & Jean Grey. Should Jeen should choose scott, boring yet a dependable guy or should she go to the trouble making bad boy? The choice is hers to make.
4. Oliver Queen & Felicity Smoak (Arrow)
Oliver Queen is easily the most good looking superhero on TV with his rugged and raw looks, the scars and the fact that he spends most of his time working out on Salmon Ladders. The show however has pinned a lot of drama and it may not seem their relationship would work out.
5. Batman & Wonder Woman (Justice League Unlimited)
It was assumded that if Wonder Woman would settle down with any of the fellow superheroes, it will be Superman. But, we guess she likes to make surprises and hook up with Batman. They both are powerful being on the Earth and she understands his heart a few can...this is the basis of their romance.
6. Superboy & Miss Martian (Young Justice)
A lot of superhero shows can be completely sexless. But Yound Justice's young superheroes with lots of raging harmones. Their romance is the most brief in the shows long span and makes their love even stronger.
7. Bobbi Morse & Lance Hunter (Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.)
These two agents have a lot of bad blood flowing between them and it can be easily seen in the series. However, they clearly do not want to live with each other but it's evident that the old fire still burns.
8. Spider-Man, Liz Allan & Gwen Stacy (The Spectacular Spider-Man)
Peter Parker may be an unlucky chap but he has the capability of attracting woman to him. May be he has that gifted charisma of a spider. The show covers a love triangle between Peter and fellow Midtown High students Liz Allan and Gwen Stacy. People over the time has asked for this series and the love triangle to develop a bit further.
9. Green Lantern, Hawkgirl & Vixen (Justice League/Justice League: Unlimited)
The Batman and Wonderwoman romance wasn't the only romance brimming up in the Justice League series. The bond between Green Lantern and Hawkgirl is another one which is taking space in the series. However, their romance didn't never quiet recovered because Justice League turned into Justice League Unlimited.


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