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Believed to be a teacher and philosopher par excellence, Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan was a man of his own thoughts. He defended Hinduism against uninformed Western criticism. He positively believed that:

"Teachers should be the best minds in a country"

Shaping the perception he earned a reputation of a bridge between India and the west. Celebrating his birthday as Teacher's day across India is a way to pay tribute to the great teacher who taught us to stand against all odds and carve a path. He once said:

"When we think we know, we cease to learn."

 Remembering the genius is our way to pay respect to him. The team at PosterGuy is dedicated at searching and delivering inspiration to the community and we firmly believe that right kind of education can solve many ills of the society and the country.

School days: probably the best days of our lives brings back the sweet and sour memories of our childhood. From bunking classes to doing homework, teachers were always an important part of it. Thank your teacher for making you an educated being. Remember how innocent your teachers were? When they said:

There will be a surprise test today - not tomorrow. What is the surprise then?

The relationship between a teacher and a student is beautiful and we respect that. Lastly, we'll conclude by saying a big thank you to all the teachers around the world! (:


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