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Often referred to as the "Picasso of India," M.F. Husain is the most celebrated and internationally recognized Indian artist of the 20th century. Husain is primarily known for his paintings, but is also known for his drawings and his work as a printmaker, photographer, and filmmaker.

Husain's career really began with independence in 1947. It was the year of his first exhibition. It was also the year his father died. He became grouped with a number of young artists called the Bombay Progressive Artists' Group with a desire to forge a modern Indian art for a new country.

Included are some of the best painting made by M.F Husain. Have a look at them:

1. Mother Teresa Painting

2. Painting of the Horses

3. A woman painting by MF Husain

4. Leaping Horse

5. The controversial Mahabharta Painting

6. Painting of Ganesh Ji

7. See him play with his craft


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