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Over the years the Joker's character has gone through some significant changes. From beginning a homicidal foil in Batman to transforming into a goofy and mischievous prankster, Joker as a character has gained the reputation of being one of the most iconic and recognizable villains in pop culture. His character has gone under various visual evolutions that includes a variety of different artist interpretations.

Sure, the basics are right there where they should be: The maniacal grin, his purple suit, his green hair and red lips. That being said, with any character Joker's look has been changed over time with each artist. Inspired by his drippy personality, these artists managed to give Joker his very famous eerie look through their unique art style.

Rohit Malhotra

This artist takes inspirations from fairgrounds to create stunning imagery. His whimsical artwork is vibrant and inspiring.

Mayank Dhawan

Mayank Dhawan is a PosterGuy favourite and his art is everywhere from our meeting rooms to our T-shirts. His style is unique and his artwork often includes amazing patterns.

Hitesh Sharma

This artist is known for his amazing photo-manipulation skills. He art is truly breathtaking and his work-flow is super awesome!

Bhanu Srikanth

The art of this artist is as inspiring as his enthusiasm. His designs truly reflects his inspirations and his take towards art.

Shweta Paryani

This artist amps up the snarky fun in her artwork by using creative elements to make her art look like a deceptive critter.

Feel free to share your favourite Joker designs in the comment section below.


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