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Unique Christmas Gifts & Ideas Online India | PosterGuy

“Bring out the hoodies,
 clean up the stockings
 move over, mediocre months,
 December just came a-knockin’...!”

It’s December time and at PosterGuy, we’re already high. December means happiness ─ good old fashioned ‘We don’t care how old we are, We still love Santa..’ happiness!

And at PosterGuy.in, we’re all for the happy.
The whole combination of wintry nights, hot coffee, family time and of course, Christmas itself, gives it the perfect magical ending to the year, irrespective of how it’s been so far, coz by the end of it, we’re all ready to let go and start afresh. 

There’s something essentially magical about this month and there’s not a soul that can deny it, to some, it’s the exuberant smell of bundt cakes and sugar that triggers the nostalgia, while some are just perfectly content to be able to wrap up the year with yet another chance to celebrate.

Joy for the Holiday season

If you’re yet to be blown away with the beauty of December, try taking a lonely stroll on a cold wintry night or spending one whole day just lying around with your family, reminiscing about every happy and crazy bit of the year all over again. That’ll bring out the romantic in you.

Moving on and ahead in this cute little month that is December, let’s all make one of those scribbly note to self’s, encouraging the happy hormones and conspire to end this year on a great note!
As the season of gifting sets in, we realise how big a task it is to dole out those ultra-innovative yet insanely thoughtful gifts year after year and this year, we’re here to help.

Be it Christmas or New Year’s, this time, we have you covered for all the times you find yourself racking your brains out over the “Perfect Gift”.

Christmas Gifts Online India | Coffee Mugs | PosterGuy


Yeah, that’s right, so don’t fret if your coffee lover friend is already bored with his favorite coffee mug or if the guy who owns more posters than wall actually needs another one to spike up his collection ─ the PosterGuy just made sure there’s enough for all.

Christmas Gifts | Cushion Covers Online India

Abstract Holiday Leaves Cushion Cover

So gear up boys and girls, the holidays are here!
Take it as an excuse to spread the cheer or get those amazing smiles going, this year we’re going crazy with our winter collection− so start shopping, get gifting, go crazy or simply play it cool...we have your back for that and more.



Written by: Amrita Chanda for PosterGuy

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