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Fascinating Christmas décor and must haves @posterguy.in…

It’s that time of the year again ─ when all the craze in the world revolves around the bearded fat guy and happiness seems to be the only drug that triggers all the high.
Christmas is cuteness personified and there’s no denying that. 

We did try and eventually managed to rock is our brand new Christmas collection that the elves at posterguy.in have carefully put together, all for you and a little something called a smile.
Everybody has their own way of celebrating Christmas and each way is special in its own way but what is very common amidst all that is the part where you bring out the gifts and rejoice...together!

This season, the posterguy just made sure that he’s a part of all that merriment. 
How, you ask? 
Well, scroll down and smile along. 

image of product 

You see, guys? Gifting just got fun at posterguy.in. 
With the rich flavor of Christmas boiling in each product and over hundred designs to choose from.
Let’s not forget the basics though ─ awesome quality, quirky cool designs, magic illustrations and such great vibes!



From crazy cute cushion covers to the stray fridge magnet that always grabs all the attention, this Christmas, we’re here to spoil you─

MUGS – choose from a wide range of #christmasflavormugs with incredible designs ranging from the little things to the giant wonder that is Santa! 
This time you’re all set to raise those toasts in our #christmasflavormugs.




CUSHION COVERS – well, this one’s a sure prize! 
From subtle minimalistic Christmas ornaments to snow-flakes and reindeer silhouettes.
Perfect for decking up the house before the big party hits or just a little something to hold on to if you’re on your own for the holidays – these babies are here to spread the love!



iPHONE CASES – now phone cases are a lifestyle choice, sure. 
But cases like these are a total necessity. 



POSTERS – super cool ways of celebrating Christmas just never seem to end @posterguy.in

Don’t let your walls get lonely this Christmas, especially when your poster needs can be catered to by posterguy.in.


Reindeer Snow Christmas Poster


SMALL WONDERS – tag says small but here’s where the real treasure rests. 
From Christmas themed mouse pads to super fun Santa Claus coasters to the ultimate showstoppers – the fridge magnets. It’s all here. 
As adorable as these are, it’s almost already a Christmas miracle. 




Thus…it’s no secret that posterguy.in is quite the place to be this Christmas. 
So get jolly-get gifting before Santa himself pays us a visit! 


Written By Amrita Chanda


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